Yoga Mentoring

We are less a victim to our emotions, and more a vessel of strength and resilience, capable of more than we could ever imagine.  Problem is...this strength often goes unrecognized.  Our perspectives and attitudes are what molds our world, and the act of simply observing our tendencies in how we navigate through life is a powerful tool. This "tool" can be used to move past our perceived limitations and expose our strengths that we never knew existed--whether that be in academics, athletic performance, expressive talents, social abilities, natural ability to form healthy relationships...the possibilities are endless. 

Our internal compass is influenced by our levels of awareness, along with the decisions we make in every moment of our lives....what we eat, where we spend our energy and time, our jobs, who we befriend, even the most fleeting thoughts all combine to form our character.  A mindful practice must be a continuous effort to learn our tendencies that hold us back, which, in time, creates growth and guidance for unfolding our capabilities. The trick in this process: to (genuinely) be open to the possibilities, to believe in yourself (I mean it!), & to consistently be present with it.   One of the most effective ways to practice this is through our breath (Pranayama) & the practice of Yoga.

What is Yoga Mentoring?

::: Catered guidance for individual growth, or studio development & growth.  This opportunity is structured based on your needs as an individual or as a business owner, and could look like:

 A) Personal Growth: Deconstructing yogic concepts and exploring personal application for your daily life, & life at large.

a) Strengthening your mental, physical and/or spiritual character to support your navigation through life.

B) Studio Development & Growth: Guidance on creating and running a successful yoga business, including, but not limited to:

-effective atmosphere     -what to look for in your team of instructors  (these first 2 make a huge difference!)      -marketing     -service pricing & promos     -props     -lighting     -studio schedule      -pay structure - necessary studio maintenance needs, etc.

C)  [insert your yoga, health, fitness, or life goal ___here___]


How would Yoga Mentoring benefit my needs?

Contact me to discuss goals, benefits, and approach.

(Mentoring rates vary dependent on individual's needs)

My background is focused in various health topics through my studies, employment, and life experiences. Some of these focuses include the physical body, mental health, public health, and the subtle body. Through my exploration in these various health topics, it has brought me see how each is connected, and the impact they all have on each other.   My efforts in exploring these topics have been through my studies at Portland State University in Health Sciences: Community Health (emphasis on Women's Reproductive Health), along with my employment in the public health sector, as well as my personal life experiences. These avenues have provided an educated foundation for me to guide people who are seeking improvement on many levels, including physically, mentally and spiritually.

In regards to the business side of things, my experience as a yoga instructor since 2008, and as a student since 2002, has given me an expanded view of how to strategically run a successful yoga studio. I have seen several approaches in running a studio, and have an accurate idea of what it takes to run a studio successfully. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge in advising new studio owners as they navigate through the process of setting up their studio, or in guiding existing studio owners through their process of improving their business approach.

Background Summary:

  • BS Health Sciences: Community Health (emphasis on Women's Reproductive Health); Portland State University (2014)

  • Employment at a wilderness therapy program working with troubled youth; guided students through their experience in learning healthy life patterns that were especially useful in navigating through difficult life challenges.

  • Planned Parenthood: Internship as a "Health Advocate" for their HCAP Program; worked with the community to educate health policy and access to health services.

  • Planned Parenthood: moved up to Volunteer Organizer; recruited, trained, and managed volunteers for the Health Care Advocacy Program.

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Instructore (2008); yoga teaching experience at several studios in Utah & Oregon,  varying from successful and painfully unsuccessful.

    • Through my experience teaching, I have inevitably noticed the unsuccessful business approaches and how they starkly compare to the successful business strategies. This is an important comparison to value in running a studio.  The most successful studios create a supportive environment for their teachers,  which creates a more enjoyable, impactful experience for the students. A more positive & healthy studio environment sets the foundation for teachers to enjoy their position in teaching at that studio, motivating them to provide higher quality classes, which keeps the students coming back (who, in return, bring even more revenue and students in with them).