“Karli is an amazing instructor, I cannot say enough good things about her. I have been practicing with Karli for around 1 year, and every time you walk into the studio she is there to greet you with a bright smile! She leads Hot Power Vinyasa at the studio I attend, and as someone who has been practicing this style for around 2-3 years now, I can say she is a very well rounded instructor who has patience with newcomers, along with the knowledge and experience to help veterans still learn and grow their practice. She does more than just lead the yoga class, she gives herself fully while guiding you safely through more difficult transitions. Her wide knowledge with the poses and information she gives shows that she is passionate about the practice, and has fun with it along the way! She will push you as far as you want to go, and always lets you take it at your own pace. After leaving her class I am always fulfilled and confident in my practice. I would highly recommend her to beginners and advanced students who wish to take their practice further!”

Bobby Jones
Portland, Oregon


Karli’s passion and dedication for yoga is easy to see, and it’s very inspiring! Her knowledge of yoga (and other athletic pursuits) give her an amazing body awareness that provides the ability to translate challenging poses into accessible steps for her students. Her class cues are clear, consistent, and paced very well. She’s also great at changing the pace throughout class, depending on how students respond. Sometimes she will push the pace to challenge students , and other times she will lead the class with a more introspective and rejuvenating tone. But no matter what, it’s always fun, and sometimes even humorous! Karli is a true yogi, adept in several styles and philosophies, and never dwells in that ‘woo-woo’ ethereal place that often turns people away from yoga.

Besides being a great yoga teacher, Karli’s warm and friendly nature is complimented by her genuine and down to earth personality. She is authentically curious and attentive towards people, and you neverfeel like she’s being nice just because ‘it’s her job’. She’s the real deal, a rare gem in a world where we thirst for authenticity and compassion.

Mark Atherton, Graphic Designer

40 years old, 10 years practicing yoga, 3 years practicing with Karli Erickson



Not all yoga instructors are as equally present, talented and encouraging as Karli.

Since my move across the country, what I miss most about practicing with Karli is her capacity to deftly tailor a class to individuals. She makes it safe for everyone to practice, strengthen and grow. Throughout the duration of class, she thoughtfully provides adjustments that address form, breath and mindfulness.

I enjoyed the balance of taking both her All Levels and Yin Yoga classes. Her emphasis on form helps prevent injury and promotes good posture overall. Anyone recovering from an injury, as I was when I began practicing with Karli, will really appreciate her as an instructor who listens and teaches with kindness and generosity.

More advanced students will love her ability to offer strategies to accomplish more challenging postures. She adds a very welcoming, positive energy, along with an attitude that introduces yoga as a fun, less intimidating practice.

Practicing with Karli is a great investment in your well-being. You’ll leave class feeling energized, de-stressed and focused.

Cooper Cruz, Copywriter
Tampa Bay, Florida