• Yoga Shala of Portland (map)
  • 3808 North Williams Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97227
  • United States
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Buddha Bud Yoga

Collectively creating a space where cannabis is not only accepted, but celebrated!

This is a 21+ only event.

Join us for a unique community building experience that celebrates the partnership of yoga + cannabis!

Mother Earrth LOVE


In honor of sweet Mamma Earth, we will unite in celebration of her abundance!

° As we come together on Earth Day, we will create a space of awareness & grounding in celebration of Mamma Earth's abundance. We are infinitely blessed by the generosity She bestows upon us...we bask in her sunshine, refresh under her flowing waters & walk upon the great earth that holds us solid upon our feet.

Earth Day reminds us that everything is interconnected. It’s all too easy to take for granted the gifts we receive from Her, but by grounding ourselves & cultivating a mindful practice, we can begin to elevate our gratitude for the natural abundance that surrounds us & for the same natural abundance that lies within us. °

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Music / photography / graphic design / wire wrap / surf / skate / enlightenment.
Corbin will be offering his sizer skillz during our yoga flow!
Here's a taste of his musical magic: You Tube

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The time has come to pull out those stretchy pants & prepare for another evening filled with Community, Cannabis & Yoga!


Tickets must be purchased in advance in order to adhere to OHA's Clean Air Act policy; ticket purchases signify membership status & reserves attendance for this event only.

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Kula community

What is Buddha Bud??

In celebration of Mother Earth's abundance...

This class will help us connect with our kula (community), our energy, and one of Mother Earth's beautiful creations, Cannabis! This class will also help us connect with our physical body, our emotional body, our spirit body, to each other, and to the oneness of our world.


Buddha Bud welcomes students of ALL LEVELS--whether you are an experienced yogi or have never done yoga before, this celebration is to be enjoyed by all!  The practice will be an easy, fun, and accessible flow with modifications encouraged throughout. 

The main focus of this event is dedicated to embracing our community in a safe and supportive setting, generating gratitude, positivity, and laughter.

We want all to walk away feeling inspired, connected, and ready to conquer the world!



*this is a loose schedule due to the nature of the event (may go til 9:30-ish), but students are welcome to leave at the scheduled end time.

6:00-6:30pm:  Set-up time  Sign-in, fill out studio waiver, Q & A's, tea and water fill-up, save your spot, settle in..

7:00pm:  Opening + Consumption  Students must bring their own bud, but students can share!

7:45pm:  Buddha Bud YOGA begins  We will create a unique, open atmosphere for you to ease into relaxation, conscious expansion, & authentic connections throughout ~ *

8:45pm:  Snack Time!  Sit back and enjoy a smooth transition out of the 'yoga brain' with good company and delicious snacks!



Your wonderful soul in your chosen stretchy pants, your greens, your mat (if you have one), and your laughter!

Mats and props will be available to use, if needed.



Yoga Shala of Portland: 3808 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR

Studio Website: www.yogashalapdx.com



- To arrive early in order to check in, sign waivers, and to make yourself nice 'n comfy - we will be starting right at 6:30pm so we can make the most of our time together!

- To purchase your tickets in advance!

This is a 21+ only event.

Please note: Students must bring their own bud.

In accordance with the City of Portland's Cannabis Policies and Regulations, cannabis cannot be provided by the event organizer without correct licensing, etc. Therefore, students must bring their own bud - but students are legally allowed to share.

Since students are legally allowed to share their bud, our community will make sure that there will be enough to go around - but it is a community building experience afterall...so bring your greens & get ready to share & receive the love!   Tools for consumption will be provided (glass pipes, bubblers, etc).

*This is event is 21+ only.