Deep Stretching & Meditation

Not to be confused with the official Yin practice, Deep Stretching and Meditation focuses on adding guided stretches to each pose until you find your point of resistant, vs “sinking into” or “resting” in each pose. This class has the same element of the coined “Yin” practice in the sense that it is the “yin” to the “yang” (or the Indian equivalent term “Tha”); it provides balance to our active lifestyle while increasing one’s overall health and well-being. Deep Stretching and Meditation accomplishes this by providing static, deep stretches for the practitioner to delve into the deeper layers of connective tissue, mainly joints and fascia. Deep Stretching and Meditation encourages distribution of "chi" or "prana" to flow throughout the body. This is the class to take if you want to develop flexibility and mental clarity.

This is a 90-minute practice with guided meditation, mudras, and pranayama techniques.


As an athlete herself, Karli understands the locations in body that becomes tight due to physical exertion, and recognizes how to safely and effectively guide students in and out of each pose. Additionally, Karli has experience working with professional athletes, specializing in improving athletic performance and injury repair.

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